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Our app of the month: Smiling Mind

  • Audio-Focused Meditation App
  • Over 1 MILLION Downloads
  • Ranked #1 In Health And Fitness For iPads In Australia
  • Awarded Top Grossing in 2015
  • Currently partnering with IBM
  • Facebook Parse Integration
  • Available for iOS & Android
  • Extensive back-end database and API

You've got this amazing app idea that nobody's thought of before, and you're absolutely certain it's a winner.

You have dreams of living a life of passion, freedom and passive income from your mobile app.

You feel confused and alone in the app development process, and you know that hiring the wrong app developers will cost you precious time and money.

Worst of all, it's only a matter of time before someone else thinks of your app idea and creates it.

If this is you, then congratulations -- you've come to the right place.

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Why choose us?

The app industry can be tough and confusing. But with helpful developers by your side, it doesn't have to be.

We're 100% Secure

Your app idea is 100% safe and confidential with us. All our servers are backed with 256-bit SHA-1 encryption and SSL certified. We will sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to further protect your app idea. See our Confidentiality Agreement for more details about your intellectual security.

We're Personal

When you work with us, you don't just get an app -- you get a comrade-in-arms. We know starting your own mobile app can be scary, and that's why we provide you unlimited 1-on-1 consultation with our designers & developers. Never again feel like you don't understand what you're getting into. We'll show you that the app world can be easy and fun.

We're Affordable

Sick of being quoted absurd amounts just to make your dream app? We get it. Luckily we've figured out the secret to creating world-class apps on any budget. What's more, even if you can't afford our services, we can refer you to a trusted app developer within what you're comfortable spending. So Contact Us today -- what's there to lose?

We're Full Service

Whether you're at the beginning stages of an app idea or if you have an existing app that needs some serious changes, we will help pave the way to your success. Our apps have been featured multiple times on the app stores, won thousands of 5 star reviews, and partnered with Fortune 500 companies. We get the app development process.

What have we achieved?

#1 In Health & Fitness

We developed apps that have won #1 in Health & Fitness for iPads and #3 for iPhone & Android

1037 Total 5 Star Reviews

...and counting. The users of your app will love you.

1 Million+ Device Downloads

With award winning designers and developers by your side, how could your app fail?

3 Brilliant Designers

Our premium designers will sow their creative genius into your app from idea to launch and make it irresistible.

7 World-Class Developers

Our small team of ninja developers keep things close and personal with you every step of the way.

62,000+ Project Hours

Everyone on our team is a dedicated expert in their respective fields, and will guide you through the tough app world.

What services do we deliver?

Prototype Design

We'll strategize and create the designs of your app with you, and turn it into a full-fledged Minimum Viable Product that you can download on your phone and click through each hi-fidelity screen of your app. Everything is optimized and pixel-perfect, of course.

App Development

Have the designs of your app done? We'll develop your app for iOS, Android, or both. We specialize in Native development, but also excel in Hybrid app development using React Native, Titanium, and Xamarin.

App Updates

Have an app that needs updating? Our designers can redesign your app to get a burst of new downloads, and our developers can make your app more feature-rich, secure, and faster. 

Contact Us about your existing app​.

Who have we worked with?

Chat with our developers.

Want a quote on your app?

Hop on a call with one of our best developers to get all your questions answered, including how much it will cost and how long it will take to develop your app.