Here are some award-winning apps we brought to life.

Not sure if we're the right team for your app? Check out some of our past work that went on to acquire millions of downloads. Who knows? Yours could be on here very soon as well.

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Smiling Mind - Award Winning Meditation App

Critically acclaimed as one of the top meditation apps on the market with over 1 million downloads, this app has won awards of Top Grossing in Australia, #1 in Health & Fitness for iPad, #3 in Health & Fitness for iPhone, and #3 in Health & Fitness for Android.

The app features a clean, bold, and colorful design.

Available on iOS & Android.

Daytripper Detroit - The Best Travel Guide App

Launched in mid 2015, this information based app features a minimalistic approach to giving users friendly and highly useful advice on where to go when visiting Detroit.

Brought to you by the same publisher of “Doughbot”, an app featured on the Apple store as “Best New App of 2014", Daytripper is already gathering a hailstorm of happy customers.

Exclusively on iOS.

From The Founder Of Daytripper Detroit...

Clear App Development was fantastic and a pleasure to work with on this project. I am looking forward to working with them again in the near future for two other projects. Excellent knowledge, thorough and professional!

Timothy - App Entrepreneur
Meep - App Store Featured News Station

This news station app went from less than 100 users to over 500,000 literally overnight after becoming featured on the app store. 

Rated an average of 4.5 stars, this app will read news articles to you using a combination of real voice artists and complex Artificial Intelligence. It was featured on the Apple store as 'New Apps We Love'.

Available on iOS & Android.

Smiling Mind Corporate - B2B Meditation App

Made by businesses for businesses, this B2B app helps employees all over the world gain a calmer, more focused mindset that lets them perform at their very best.

Grossing over 40,000 downloads and partnered with 30+ businesses including IBM, Smiling Mind Corporate is a prime example of what we deliver to the corporate world.

Available for iOS & Android.

Viooz - The Enhanced Instagram App

Instagram has never been easier with the launch of Viooz, a social media application that enables users to log into their Instagram accounts and view their friends' most liked photos that day.

Developed on behalf of a group of investors, this app utilizes a backend database to save photos and the Instagram API to serve data to users.

Available for iOS & Android.

Angel - App Entrepreneur

From The Founder Of Viooz...

Great work! We have been working together for several months and are extremely excited about the quality of work provided! They're honest, an expert in their field, communicates great and is very flexible! Highly recommended!

RecipeGen -  The Innovative Recipe App

This recipe app takes the ingredients in your kitchen and generates thousands of recipes that ONLY use those ingredients.

A massive database of 400,000+ recipes made by world-class chefs is stored in this lightweight app (less than 9mb). RecipeGen has brought in over 38,000 downloads completely organically.

Available for iOS & Android.

The Decoder App - The Secret Social App

The Decoder App is a neat social media application that allows users to send hidden messages to their friends.

It utilizes Facebook API, Twitter API, automated emailing, logins / logouts, and an extensive backend database to deliver a seamless experience in social media communication.

Available for iOS & Android.

Jason - App Entrepreneur

From The Founder Of The Decoder App...

Clear App Development has been awesome, done great work and got it done in the scheduled time frame that was originally discussed. would recommend them on any job of similar nature.

Out Rep Challenge - The Social Fitness App

Out Rep Challenge is a fitness app only for the strong. Developed on behalf of a passionate fitness trainer, this app utilizes location services and GPS to locate nearby fitness enthusiasts to meet up and work out together.

It features in-app instant text messaging and push notifications to allow for a "Tinder-like" means of personal communication.

Available for iOS & Android.

Props RTS - The Coolest Dance App

An innovative app made for an innovative breakdancer, Props RTS is a dance app that enables breakdance judges to score competitions remotely.

We created an in depth administrator panel and database that allowed dance battles to start and conclude in a streamlined way, and an automatically updating scoreboard for audience members to few on the big screen or even on their phones directly.

Available for iOS & Android.

From The Founder Of Props RTS...

Clear App Development was able to deliver my project on time and with excellent results. The professionalism and communication between me (the client) and my developer was excellent! They were always available to skype and talk about how to improve the designs and performance. They were engaged and made sure they understood what were my needs and excelled in them. Their skills and delivery for each milestone was very well done. Their explanation and detail work shows that Clear App Development can absolutely design, build, and deliver product to exactly what i have envisioned. Will I hire Clear App Development again? Absolutely and very soon!

Jeremy - App Entrepreneur